Mobile Marketing

Millions of people are regularly visiting websites using their smartphones or tablet computers. Are they visiting your site? If so, what is their user experience? Now is the time to make sure your site offers mobile users a fast and effective experience so they can purchase products or services on your site as easy as possible.

We offer a full range of solutions designed to meet the needs of the mobile user. We offer mobile optimized web design combined with a specially designed mobile SEO program to aggressively drive mobile users to your mobile optimized site. We also enhance your current Local Search, Video SEO and Social Media campaigns to make sure they are all optimized for the mobile user.

The Opportunity

Mobile devices are always on and accessible everywhere, making mobile marketing unlike any other platform.

The mobile market is growing exponentially. People are looking for businesson their mobile devices, which really function as small and mobile computers. If you can adapt to the mobile market, you will be found by new potential customers who are looking for your business immediately.

» Mobile search will soon grow at a faster pace than global web searches
» In 2010, 85.6 million people in the U.S. access the Internet from their mobile devices
» In 2012, Mobile search will be 25% of global search
» eMarketer projects 142.1 million Mobile users, representing 54% of the U.S. Mobile user population, will access the web from their Mobile devices in 2014

Mobile Marketing Benefits

» Less competitive than traditional SEO, giving you a great chance to dominate your place in the mobile market
» Mobile Local Search offers greater access to a targeted local audience looking for products and services immediately
» Clients have constant access to devices
» Less clutter to drown out your message
» Marketers have greater immediacy to meet customer needs
» Calls to action are very effective i.e. click-to-call and click-to-map

Mobile Site Development and Mobile SEO

Optimizing your website for mobile users no longer has to be difficult or painful. GoNext Solutionss' proprietary software makes the mobile web design quick and easy.

Our mobile optimized designs load fast, allowing mobile users to find what they need with the least amount of effort. Our designs give mobile users the same brand experience as they do with your traditional website.

We use the latest cutting-edge features such as click-to-map, click-to-call and innovative Twitter, Facebook and YouTube features designed to help make your mobile site go viral. Our proprietary technology allows our clients to create their own mobile sites in minutes!

Web Design Features

» Mobile user friendly designs
» Fast to load
» Mobile device detection
» Great brand experience
» Local based services
» The latest mobile technologies i.e. click-to-call, click-to-map etc.
» Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
» Integration and promotion of YouTube videos
» Google Analytics integration

Mobile SEO Features

» Mobile keyword selection
» Mobile onsite optimization
» Mobile Local Search optimization
» Mobile sitemaps
» Mobile site link generation