Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Campaign Management

Powerful, intuitive direct email marketing and campaign management for relevant one-to-one messaging

We offer email marketers a powerful opt-in email marketing platform that helps them more easily leverage data and quickly automate and optimize email campaign management. The result: deeper customer engagement, greater marketing efficiency and increased ROI.

Powerful Data Segmentation

Quickly and easily define customer segments based on demographic or behavioral attributes and integrate data collected from email, surveys, landing pages and Web analytics. With this valuable customer insight, you can more precisely create targeted, relevant communications for enhanced customer relationships.

Easy Campaign Management

We make it simple to build highly personalized, relevant email campaigns that deliver the right content to the right recipient at precisely the right time. Silverpop's unique Send Time Optimization feature delivers your message at the precise day and time each recipient is most likely to be receptive based on past behavior.

Greater Relevance

A unique dynamic content wizard lets you tailor your message content and preview all possible permutations so you can more easily create personalized, relevant email messages. You can even preview and optimize messages for a variety of inboxes, including those on mobile devices, so that every email delivered renders properly.

On-Demand Reporting and Analytics

We offer comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that enable you to quickly identify what activities, attributes and recipient behaviors have the most impact—allowing you to quickly adjust your email marketing campaign management accordingly.

Best-In-Class Deliverability

A suite of deliverability features and a dedicated team of deliverability experts gives you maximum visibility into your success at reaching the inbox. Unlike bulk email service providers, Gonext relationship and reputation with major inbox providers and leading-edge deliverability processes help ensure your messages reach intended targets.