Content Management

Our content management systems are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to edit a single web page, or manage an entire web site, our management systems are highly customizable and seamlessly integrate with all of your sites design, technical and backend features.

Our CMS framework provides a platform for developing dynamic content-driven web sites that can always be easily managed. Utilizing Open-Source Software. GoNext CMS is both flexible and cost-effective. We eliminate the need for specialized hosting arrangements and perennial licensing fees that are common with other products that are inferior and less flexible.

Itechservicez content management capabilities enable us to implement flexible site management solutions quickly and efficiently. As opposed to developing systems from scratch, our proprietary underlying code-base enables us to deliver a custom solution more quickly and cost-effectively.

The end result: You enjoy the advantages of a customized CMS that is exactly suited to your needs, at a price that won't stretch your budget, the underlying CMS tool kit allows GoNext to develop content management solutions with a number of key features:

Seamless Integration

The appearance and functionality of your site will never be compromised. Whether you intend to use the system to manage a few pages, or maintain your entire web site, no changes to the site's design, content, or navigation will be necessary to accommodate our CMS.

Flexible Presentation

one of the advantages of maintaining a site with GoNext CMS is that information can be broadcast throughout the site in several different formats. Whether it's entire articles or selected excerpts, you determine when and where the content appears and how it is presented by following simple, flexible instructions. Sale announcements, customer testimonials, today's weather or the top news stories of the week can all appear wherever choose, whenever you decide. And, when the sale is over or the news stories change, simply remove the old content and replace it with something new!

Range of Content Formats

Itechservicez Content Management Systems are capable of delivering a wide range of document and content formats including plain and formatted text, images, PDF files, Word documents and multimedia files. Our CMS can also accommodate both numerical and electronic data including time, date, currency, email, and web links.

Easy-to-use Site Management

Unlike other, more cumbersome content management systems, GoNext CMS features a simple and intuitive user interface which typically requires little or no training to use. Your site is managed through a secure, easy to use, web-based administration gateway that allows you to add, update or remove content whenever you wish. Advanced options, including assigned security levels and content approval procedures, ensures the system works exactly the way you intend it to. Only the content you specify can be changed, and only by the staff you designate.

Adaptable & Extendable

All of Itechservicez Content Management Systems features a modular format for web development. This means you pay for the features you need - nothing more. And, as your business grows, additional features can be added quickly and easily at a cost that's fair and affordable. Our systems won't break the bank today, or in the future.